Our Story

The idea of Juicebox USA started while enjoying tastings at local breweries and wineries and wanting to bring that tasting experience home to share. We’ve created “a virtual tasting experience” that anyone can enjoy which makes it easier to try different places. Whether you’re traveling, exploring or just simply enjoying your favorite place, you can now share your tasting experience with others. It also makes the perfect gift for holidays and other special occasions.

What is it?

A specially designed unique box that contains a pre-selected variety of beverages, a souvenir item, and a QR code that you can scan by simply aiming the camera on your phone and clicking the link to the web page where you will find a virtual experience. Enjoy a tour of the place your Juicebox is from, followed by a tasting of each beverage you will find in your box. Customize it for any occasion simply by decorating it with confetti for a birthday, rose petals for a romantic setting or writing a special message inside. 

*(Shipping provided by Juicebox USA currently not available)*