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(Noun): A physical token with built in digital capabilities.  

Tap Token™

(Verb): The act of "tapping" the token with your mobile device to present a digital portal to an online destination.

Settings for Android

How can this work for your business?


Create a page on your own website or let us create a "business page" for you (coming soon), dedicated for your Tap Token™.

At your own convenience, update different deals or offers on this dedicated page for example BOGO, 10% off, free item, special of the day, etc. Your customers will see the new deal or offer every time you update it by tapping the token. Customers can then gamble on when they'd like to redeem their token for your deal or offer. 

Fully Customizable

Virtually endless design options. Full color printing. Choose a design or submit your own design. No setup fee. Include your logo and personalize it to suit your business. Provide any link to direct your customers to any information you choose whether it be your website, digital menu, social media, online ordering, etc.

You design it, we make them! 

Promote Your Business

Tap Token™ can incorporate your brand identity. Use it to reach and engage with new customers. Choose how to distribute them. For example: promotions, prizes, or if used as an application such as drink or dessert tokens, you can sell them as gifts. They provide an interactive way to promote your business that provides a direct link so customers can easily find you and explore your business. 

Higher Level Security

Tap Token™ is fully custom designed to your business differentiating it from other tokens. Each order is verified with your business directly to confirm authenticity. Other hidden layers of security may also be available. 


Our tokens are tested and made to last using materials to withstand harsh environments such as spills, weather, washer machines, and pets. We made it so that if someone loses your token, someone else can find it and use your token as designed promoting your business.

Try tokens on us!

We want you to try Tap Token™ and see if it suits your business. All we ask in return is your honest feedback.  

Click the button above. Choose the option "Try Ten Tokens" then proceed to fill out the form. Exclusions apply.

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