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Product Gift Box

Give your customers an option to take home a variety of your products for themselves or to share with a loved one. 

Let them choose their variety of your products, or fill the boxes with pre-selected varieties. The choice is yours.

Fill the box with a souvenir item for them to remember your store, or give them options to choose. For example: glass, shirt, hat, drink koozie, etc. Motivate them to visit your store by including a Tap Token™

Box Details

Each box includes your logo in full color when the box is opened.  You can make it interactive with an optional NFC Tag embedded under your logo so consumers can tap with their phone for a mobile online portal to your website, social media, or weblink of your choice.

Exterior: Designed with a glass pattern with our website on the sides so consumers can notice the box, as well as provide them a way to find more places that offer our boxes. 

Interior: Each box has 2 compartments to divide your product variety from your souvenir item. The ability to fit a variety of products from 5 slim cans and 4 - 16 oz. cans. We can also design box inserts to fit other products too such as bath bombs, treats, cannabis products, etc. Possibilities are endless. Just tell us your product.

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